March 1, 2014
A Few More Words About: Daddy D’s Suber Soul Food, Hendersonville, NC

"A Hole Full of Soul"


After about an hour of bemoaning Ashevilles bizarre fried chicken situation (just read this weird article;, more than half the places recommended only offer it at Sunday brunch, dinner, as a weekly special or cut up in a salad, and spending $17 at one of the tourist places is too revolting of a situation to even consider) we finally settled on giving Moose Cafe a shot. Low & behold, we roll up in the McStylesmobile onto the set of a remodel; CLOSED. I used the word f*ck about four times in two sentences and then I put the thing in park. Not defeated, but somewhat deflated, we decided to wander up Brevard and surrender ourselves to chance. Maybe something good would fall out of the trees, who knows? Eventually we cut across Airport Rd. and swung a right onto Hendersonville Rd. Interesting fact; if you stay on Hendersonville road long enough, guess where you end up? If you said Lake Michigan then your career in oceanography might need a rethinking, but if you said Hendersonville then you know something I didnt. Once we were aware of which way was up we looked at each other and said “Daddy D’s?”. It wasnt as much a question as it was a beautiful ball of white light that we had somehow neglected to cherish since our initial visit months earlier. I threw the truck into hyperdrive and got us there before the birds had a chance to chirp.

We found a table and after a moment hopscotching the menu I spotted the ‘Meal Deal’ board. There it was; fried breast, w/ a side, cornbread, drink and desert for $7.99. Yes, please. Two of them. We sucked at our sweet teas and did our best to not look like crackheads waiting for the rock to be dropped off. Then, all of our dreams came through. I failed to mention what sides we each went in for. For myself, there was no question; these guys bake penne and a whole lotta gooey cheese to a beautiful end. No lazy stovetop, out of a box lameness like everyone else seems to settle for back up the river. It goes without saying, that theres a reason the word ‘soul’ is in this joints name, which bring us to the wifes choice; black eye peas. These little marvels had the creaminess of some ‘done right’ red beans, but obviously with a whole different flavor bundle. I got my knuckles cracked a couple times before I got the message and left her to them. Oh yeah, the chicken. OH YEAHHH, THE CHICKEN!!! Tender and succulent as things unmentionable on a family website and thats not all; beneath that crispy skin is a sweetness to the juice that makes you want to ring the drippings from the meat into a glass and drink it with a straw. The owner came out of the kitchen to take a break and started chatting with us, at one point mentioning that he was mixing up a batch of mashed potatoes. My eyes welled up and I started to cry, revising my dream of the drippings right away. Instead, spilling them over a mountain of mashed potatoes and planting chunks of chicken to play the roll of rock outcrops. Then I put on my Godzilla mask and did what any good Godzilla worth his salt would do; make mountain go away…. Yeah, I was way out there, drooling I think, but I didnt really mind. Im sure Im not the first one to feel these emotions in this particular restaurant.

Anyhow, as you might have concluded, we again enjoyed our visit to Daddy D’s. As we waddled back towards the truck we wondered aloud why it took us so many months to come back. We found no suitable answer, but most certainly, came up with a suitable solution.

Grade: A (This is gonna be one of those things where I really do want to try the catfish, but just cant bring myself to not order the chicken. Good problems, these ones)

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