March 13, 2014
A Few More Words About: Cinnamon Kitchen, Asheville, NC

Our daily “What do you want to do for lunch?” exercise in patience dissolving into frustration was put to a quick and merciful end when we realized that our Groupon for Cinnamon Kitchen expired the following day. We chartered a flight down Hendersonville highway and letdown in the abandoned mall just adjacent to the spot. After they rolled out the red carpet and we finished with the media, we made our way onto the scene.


"OK, so we took the train. So what?"

As before, it was a small cast of soft spoken Indian gentleman manning the fort. Gentleman #1 showed us to a table off to the side and left us to the menus. I couldnt be swayed, I couldnt be parlayed. The shrimp mango masala had a firm hold on my heart and I wasnt about to go sneakin around with another dish, even though the temptations were indeed, numerous. The lady of the house however, was feelin like branchin out. But what exactly is kasar malai kabab? Straight off the menu: chicken breast sautéed and simmered in cashew cream sauce with saffron. Served with basmati rice and fresh tossed salad. Oh yeah, you might as well have just said that youre inviting over some of your redheaded girlfriends to splash around in the pool. You just know Im gonna be gettin in on a piece of that action.

To keep us from chewing our forearms off in anticipation, I dialed us up for some veg samosas. They came with a pair of dipping delights and as usual they were a fine time. Then gentleman #2 laid out the spread before us. Memories, like the corners of my mind….. Seriously, it surely is nice when things are exactly as you remember them. The masala had the bite that I had asked for, only slightly tempered by the sweetness of the mango. I halved the massive, succulent shrimp and worked my way around the plate; occasionally loading a couple forks worth onto some naan. Occasionally dipping into Mrs. McStyles bowl and let me tell you that sauce was a creamy dream. I dont know how it happened but a slice of that creamy breast got caught up on my bread and found its way into my mouth. Like twice. Yes, it was a fine meal. Our bellies were full and our flavor centers were brimming with light. If there is better Indian food to be had in Asheville, Id like to know where. I dont think that place yet exists.

Grade: A (offering a Groupon for this place is like having half price day at the liquor store, but if they keep offering them, we’ll keep buying)

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